Why QUESTABOX Premium?

We strive to offer the best educators online who will provide engaging and personalized learning for each student. QUESTABOX was founded with a simple goal: to help students learn from people, not from workbooks.

What is QUESTABOX Premium?

Questabox Premium program is designed to provide a 1:1 personalized writing curriculum based on each student’s strengths, areas of growth, and interests. Curriculum may vary depending on teachers and students but includes a variety of literary analysis writing, academic writing, creative writing, research writing, essay writing, SAT, and more.

Our Educational Consultants tap into the unique and in-depth data about each student and family, and help you find the best teacher matches for your child. When you work with our consultant, you will get a matched teacher trusted by parents and other colleague teachers for expert insight. Your matched teachers will be able to create various curriculum units personalized for your child’s unique and growing strengths, needs, and interests over time.

Who Needs QUESTABOX Premium?

For families looking for comprehensive and consistent writing coaching from early years to college, QUESTABOX Premium includes access to our full spectrum of writing curriculum and teaching with the specialized expertise; from elementary school writing, to middle school writing, to high school writing, and college writing.

For students who require more time and access to advanced reading and writing, our highly personalized level of curriculum will help the students start proper book choices based on interests and needs, engage in critical thinking and social perspectives in reading, have continuous personalized analysis and discussions to understand where he or she needs to improve in writing. Our ultimate goal is to help students discover one’s own passion and build up the confidence in expressing themselves in speaking and writing.

How it Works

In-Depth Parent Consultation with Experts

Share your observations and expectations as a parent. Navigate your child’s unique strengths, interests, and needs with our educational consultants.

Personalized Curriculum and Teaching

Get to know dedicated teacher matches curated just for your child with relevant profiles locally or globally. Get personalized curriculum units for your child.

Start Building and Differentiating your Writing

Help your child build up the confidence in expressing oneself in speaking and writing before applying to college. Spark a passion for writing in one’s own voice.