Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the steps for a student to sign up?

    ①. Create a parent account ②. Submit your application ③. Application Fee ④. Complete admission interviews ⑤. Receive your result ⑥. Get started * There is a limit of students who get accepted each year.
  • What is included in the application fee?

    The registration fee for QUESTABOX consulting is $300 and non-refundable. It includes educational consultant and coach fees (e.g., application review, a parent interview, a student interview, writing assignment, and follow-ups) and the application processing fee.
  • I have two children. How do I sign up for them?

    Once you create your account and sign up for your first child, you can add your second child in your account. You can also add other members of your family (e.g., niece, nephew, or grandchild) too. Each time, you will be asked to submit a student application (for each child) and make a payment in submitting the application. Your children will be listed under your account.
  • What is the parent consultation?

    Once you get accepted, QUESTABOX admin will be sending you an invoice regarding the first unit (module), which includes parent consultation hours. Each program is one year long.
  • What is the student coaching?

    Once you get accepted, QUESTABOX admin will be sending you an invoice regarding the first unit (module), which includes student coaching hours. Each program is one year long. Your coach will create and deliver different units for each student, based on student diagnostic assessments, interviews, writing samples, and more data.
  • What is the Marketplace service?

    This is optional - please go to QUESTABOX Marketplace website ( to browse and find some educational programs and classes you're looking for. You can directly find them on the website or receive an educational matchmaking service to find the recommended/customized classes for your child.
  • Can I sign up for Marketplace service only?

    Yes, you can sign up for QUESTABOX Marketplace on their website (
  • I'm a member of QUESTABOX Consulting. Do I have to pay for the Marketplace membership?

    No, if you're a member of QUESTABOX consulting, you don't have an additional fee to pay. If you're not a member of QUESTABOX consulting, there will be a non-refundable membership fee (one time per student). Please check out their website (
  • What is the QUESTABOX Marketplace membership?

    There are two membership options at the QUESTABOX Marketplace: Basic and Premium. Basic Membership is for the students who browse and sign up for a class on the website. Premium Membership is for students who would like to have an educational matchmaking service (i.e., 30-min consultation) to find Premium writing teachers or educational programs recommended for them.