Co-creating a customized roadmap to elevate the student’s experiences in exploring self-awareness, passion, communities, resilience, college search, and their future career.

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Questabox coaching provides a roadmapping process to guide students towards a successful and meaningful future in which they can thrive. We help students discover unique stories about who they are, what they are passionate about, and how they are building relationships and meaningful connections to their diverse communities.

Young Hah, Ed.D


What is the vision of Questabox Coaching?

Our vision is to support you in discovering your authentic post-high school roadmap towards a meaningful and thriving future.

Middle School Students (Coaching)

Action-oriented, stretching (one's comfort zone), self-awareness-based, social impact projects for local communities; 1:1 or small group personalized units will help your child get ready to find personal goals and start a journey to explore the authentic self and passion.

High School Students (Coaching)

Guiding positive and healthy college search and admission experience (as a family); 1:1 or small-group personalized units will help your child get ready to find personal goals and start a journey to one's college search, application, and career exploration.

Parent Session (Consultation)

1:1 sessions between parents and QUESTABOX coaches. Share your observations, expectations, & resources and navigate your child’s unique strengths, needs, and deep interests.


I would describe the coaching system as creative, effective, and empathetic. The ways in which my coach helped control my worry was unique and effective since it worked very well with practice. The whole coaching system was slow, which was good for me since I worked at slower paces than others. This showed my coach's empathy towards me as I preferred working slower than fast. The most valuable thing in Questabox learning is my experience with my coach. I felt myself connecting to my coach more to help control my worry.

- A 7th grade student in Korea

I found it valuable, and above my expectations that we worked on approaching college, and life as a whole differently than what is customary. Taking the time to look inside myself helped me discover myself more than any sort of research would have. The skills I have developed through these coaching sessions were also invaluable as they are applicable in all sorts of places in life.

- A 11th grade student in New Jersey

The overall experience was great and positive. The most valuable part was the relationship that was built with the coach. Having the long-term relationship with the coach allowed me to open up more, and it allowed the coach to know more about me. This will help with better shaping the sessions to fit my needs. I also found great that each session is shaped based on my needs and not based on a set time schedule or checklists.

- A graduate student in Boston

The coaching experience was interesting. It was quite hard with a lot of hurdles, but I enjoyed the experience overall. The most interesting thing to me was the mood meter. Personally, I think it was a good way to represent how you felt.

- A 8th grade student in Korea

How to Get Started


1. Admission Process

Create a parent account, submit a student application with application fee, complete the interview process, and wait for the result. Note: There will be a limit of students who get accepted each year.


2. Coaching Process

Work with QUESTABOX Coaching Team. One-Year program includes 48 sessions including student coaching and parent consultations. We will be working with you and your student for the personalized goals and progress.


3. Marketplace Service

(Optional/Additional) QUESTABOX recommends specialized teachers, programs, or college admission advisers to you if needed. If it’s a good fit, parents can enroll their child in class. Build and differentiate your child's creativity.