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Integrated Guidance. It takes both students and parents into account and helps your child discover one's academic and life success.

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Since the onset of the global pandemic, parents are facing complex and stressful decisions about their children's education and future, especially when it comes to helping them prepare for college, career, and beyond. QUESTABOX provides trusted and personalized resources through three integrated services: Parent Consultation + Student Coaching + Educational Matchmaking.
Time to think outside the box.

Young Hah, Ed.D


What Is QUESTABOX Consulting? (Online)

We provide expert guidance and insights to help students navigate the complex skills and questions to be self-driven and take charge of their college and career planning. Our core values are Data-driven Education Management, Student Empowerment, and Personalized Learning for Progress.

Parent Consultation

1:1 consulting and education sessions esp. for the parents who haven't received education in the United States or would like to help their kids lead their own learning and creativity. Share your observations & expectations and navigate your child’s unique strengths and needs with our educational consultant.

Personalized Coaching

1:1 student-centered and project-based sessions with QUESTABOX College Coaches. Personalized coaching units will help your child get ready for one's college and career planning.

Start Building and Differentiating your Creativity

Help your child build up the confidence in expressing oneself and finding their own unique stories before applying to college. Get QUESTABOX recommendations for premium writing teachers or expert educators, or former admissions experts.

“My son is a 9th grader and since we started working with a QUESTABOX Premium teacher last year, he is getting much better at articulating his thoughts because the conversations he’s having with his writing teacher helps him a lot to organize his points and trigger other points, and so on. We’re very pleased with the Questabox program!"

- Debbie

Parent of a 9th Grader

How to Get Started


1. Admission Process

Create a parent account, submit a student application with application fee, complete the interview process, and wait for the result. Note: There will be a limit of students who get accepted each year.


2. Coaching Process

Work with QUESTABOX Consulting Team. One-Year program includes 48 student coaching sessions and 12 parent consultation sessions. We will be working with you and your student for the personalized goals and progress.


3. Marketplace Service

(Optional/Additional) QUESTABOX finds and recommends the right teachers, specialized programs, or college admission advisers to you. If it’s a good fit, parents can enroll their child in class.