QUESTABOX College and Career Coach

QUESTABOX is a global educational company dedicated to help students drive their own learning and creativity.

Every student is unique and complex, influenced by their natural constitution, personal history, identity-based and community-based histories, societal history, everyday interactions, and on-going social messagings. To reflect each student’s uniqueness and complexity, the curriculum and the coaching are flexible and thoughtful, prioritizing a safe and brave environment that provides a space for individuals to feel safe, seen, and heard and supports them to thrive in their meaning ways.

QUESTABOX College and Career Coach Program includes:
- Parent Consultation
- Student Coaching
- Marketplace Service (Optional,

Parent Consultation

  • 1:1 Sessions with Ms. Young

    Grades 6 to College

    Education Management and Advising

    What opportunities and threats should we (parents) consider in our children's college and career planning process? What do we know about their passions, abilities, and needs, and what conversations matter to them and us? What if their preferences are different from my observations? When do I push a little more or relax? Our one-year program includes twelve 1:1 personalized sessions with Ms. Young, a co-founder and educational consultant of QUESTABOX.

Student Coaching

  • 1:1 Sessions with QUESTABOX Coaches

    Grades 6 to College

    College and Career Planning

    Our one-year program includes 45 to 48 1:1 personalized coaching sessions with Questabox coaches.

    Support for every aspect of your children's initial stages of college and career planning process. Middle school year is the perfect time to start exploring what I am, what I am passionate about, and what I am going to go about it. Our coaches will be working with your child on various projects and topics such as cultural identity, self-image, life goals, historical and social contexts of our life, studying skills and habits, school performance, stress management, one's strengths and weaknesses, and more. They'll love the given challenges and will feel great pride in discovering each aspect of themself. Furthermore, they will engaged and motivated by the fact that their passions and efforts can and will make a positive difference to the world.

    Self-Discovery, Cultural Competence, Global Leadership

    • Middle School (Grades 6-8)
    • High School (Grades 9-12)
    • Students Who Study Abroad
    • College Students

QUESTABOX Marketplace

  • Educational Matchmaking Service

    Grades K to College

    Great Teachers & Classes

    We believe that finding the right teachers should be easy and rewarding. QUESTABOX Marketplace would like to help you find good teachers curated for your child. You will be meeting with great educators and QUESTABOX partners from various backgrounds and expertises (e.g., lecture, video-based practice, hands-on projects, simple tutoring, etc) for writing, math, programming, creative art, music, sports, STEAM, and more. This is optional / additional.

    Marketplace (Optional / Additional)

    • Premium Writing
    • Expert Educators & Programs
    • Creative Projects