Our vision is to support you in understanding the college admission landscapes and exploring and communicating your post-high school options and choices towards a meaningful and thriving future.

Questabox aims to create a safe and collaborative environment for nurturing the student’s sense of self-awareness and joyfully living up to their brightest potential. While the coaching centers the student as the steward of their own journey, their parent/guardian is also involved in the coaching process for offering meaningful and affirming support. Our core values are student empowerment, data-driven education management, and personalized learning. It's time to think outside the box.

Who is Questabox Coaching for?

  • Questabox Coaching is for:

    Grades 6 to College or/and Non-College Path

    1) Middle and high school students seeking guidance in discovering their passions or expanding upon them to integrate unforeseen potential, ultimately contributing towards cultivating a meaningful life for themselves and the communities they are a part of.

    2) Parents/guardians prioritizing the interests of the student by providing a nurturing and collaborative environment for the student to exercise their autonomy as they explore ideas, questions, and experiences.

    3) Students and their parent/guardian interested in co-creating a customized roadmap to elevate the student’s experiences in college and in their career

What are the Goals of Questabox Coaching?

  • QUESTABOX goal is to discover:

    Post-high school roadmap towards a meaningful and thriving future

    Beyond accolades and social achievements, at Questabox, we believe that the student’s awareness of self and their surroundings (nature) combined with the environment optimal for the student to thrive in (nurture) are paramount for paving the way towards a successful future.

    We measure success based on the student’s joy in the areas they are devoting their time and energy to, their sense of safety to be themselves, and their sense of belonging to the communities they are a part of.

    As colleges and universities are looking for candidates who have unique stories about who they are, what they are passionate about, and how they are building relationships and meaningful connections, Questabox coaching uses a Roadmapping Process to guide students towards a successful and meaningful future in which they can thrive.

What is Roadmapping?

  • The Roadmapping Process includes:

    Personalized and co-creating approach

    1) Identifying what the priorities are for a thriving post-high school experience
    2) Identifying unforeseen or marginalized potential that could be fostered and integrated into current strong interests and skills for widening and deepening future opportunities
    3) Identifying optimal conditions the student can thrive in
    4) Creating clear and customized goals towards fostering goals 1-3
    5) Providing strategic and meaningful support to achieve goals

    Through a cumulative process of getting to know the student, developing a profile of strengths of conditions to thrive in while providing social-emotional support and engaging in a diversity of activities and experiences to reveal more of the student’s inherent brilliance and the infinite possibilities that the world offers.

What does Questabox Coaching Look Like in Practice?