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First, Analysis, Then, Reimagining:

One-to-one Writing Coaching in One Month


  • Upon Request
  • Class Schedule will be decided after we confirm with the student’s and the teacher’s schedules

You have 4 sessions to assess, analyze, and improve your writing.  You can add more after the first four sessions.

Goal &  Unit Description: 

In this course, students will follow a unit built around a short story that is accessible but challenging for their grade level.

Each week, students will submit a piece of writing based on what they are supposed to have studied before each session. Their writing will build gradually, and each week they will receive both written and verbal feedback and will be able to ask questions by meeting with the teacher for an hour. They will begin with an analytical look at the story through the lens of a theme. They will revise this writing in their specific growth area(s), and then, for the final week, they will be asked to re-imagine their work with the piece to produce a different kind of writing in some way.


Through the process of writing and rewriting, students will be working on:

  • Articulate the main theme of the short story
  • Defend that same theme
  • Describe in detail at least one literary technique used within the novel (i.e. symbolism, character foiling, and foreshadowing)
  • Enhance their essay writing skills 
  • Enhance their academic vocabulary, or
  • Enhance their understanding of their own writing processes and habits

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Application Process

1) Submit this application form (Click Here)
2) Pay through the Paypal link sent
3) Receive a confirmation email
4) Submit pre-work and survey before the class
5) Class begins

Application Fee & Refund Policy?

  • The Application Fee (non-refundable $50) is included in the tuition.
  • If you cancel your registration before the first lesson, you will get a full refund, but the application fee ($50) will be excluded.
  • You can cancel your lesson anytime. You should notify us in writing in advance. We will refund you only for the remaining sessions you did not receive yet after excluding the application fee ($50) and the sessions taken.