Literary Analysis: Themed Reads

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  1. Summer Camp for High School Students (Grades 9-12 in the fall 2020)
  2. When?
    • June 15 – July 3, with meetings M W F at 10 AM PT / 1 PM EST
    • Nine 1.5-hour sessions in total 
    • Students should expect to send 1-2 hours before each session completing the required prework.
  3. Trial Group Session (3o min): TBA
    • Teacher can approve students into a group.
    • Text sets for summer camp will be announced.
  4. Why this Summer Camp? 
    • [More Types of Texts] Because we have so many hours at our disposal, we can cover a whole set of texts: poetry, short fiction, and (in this case) a play.
    • [Group Discussion] Students will have an opportunity to speak with other students about their reading, more like a typical class setting. Working together through discussion deepens understanding of a text and the connections between texts.
    • [Personalized Written Feedback] Students will receive timely feedback on written work and time to revise and reevaluate this work.
    • [Summer Fun!] Summer is supposed to be fun, so meeting others and working together is a different (and more fun) way to practice analytical skills
  5. Course Overview:
    • High School Course Description 
      • Goal: Prepare for upper-level English courses
      • We will be studying a text set: texts that have similar thematic material
      • Discussion and reading based, but with test-based writing practice
      • This course is designed to approach the rigor of these courses in a way that is more personalized and more guided than it will be in upper-level courses 
    • High School Course Product 
      • 3 short essays, based on AP-style prompts
      • A theme-based connection presentations